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With over 30 Years Experience, we specialise in all aspects of motor vehicle paint and bodywork repairs. Professional service Minor accident repair Bumper scuffs and cracks Dent and scratch repair Alloy wheel refurb Vandal damage repair Full machine polish.

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Accident Repair

Our vehicle damage assessors are able to assess the damage to your vehicle quickly and accurately to provide you with a fully costed estimate detailing the work required

Dents & Srcatches

Scuffs, Cracks, Dent & Scratches

Depending on the depth of the scratch we can offer a polishing service or a local paint repair. The polishing process would involve using a very fine flatting paper to remove the scratch.

Alloy Wheel Refurb

Alloy Wheel Refurb

state-of-the-art wheel refurbishing center, we are able to offer alloy wheel refurbishments to wheels that have suffered with Curbing, Surface Corrosion and Scratches

Had a car accident that's not your fault? Don't stress! Choose us as your repairer!... Let us sort it all out for you, for FREE! Call us before you call your insurer! Make those to blame, pay!

We will take on the case for you, from the moment you report the accident to us, right through to recovering repair and replacement costs from the at-fault party. We will recover your damaged car We will lend you a courtesy car within 24 hours We will fix the car if at all possible We will assist with the full process from start to finish

The person to blame will pay for everything, including the excess! That's how it should be!

You will save money    You will save time     You will save stress

The full benefits of using our service are:

  • Replacement vehicle of similar specification - within 24 hours if your vehicle is unroadworthy
  • NO excess to be paid YOUR insurance premium should NOT be affected
  • NO costs whatsoever incurred by you
  • NO time wasted gathering quotes for the repairs
  • Uninsured losses can be recovered, such as personal belongings, loss of earnings and other out of pocket expenses
  • ONE company dealing with the claim, repairs, courtesy car and personal injury
  • We will sort everything out from the initial contact with the third party insurer, to agreeing costs for repairs and ensuring your vehicle is back with you as quickly as possible

Claim Form

For us to assist with the 3rd party claim, please fill out or form with as much information as possible.

If there is anything you do not currently know, please leave it blank and try to gather the information for when our Claims Management team contact you. The more information, the more streamline the process will be.

Claim Form

If you've had a scrape, bump or bang and can't wait to get your car back to its former glory

Dedication to every service we provide, whether it is a small scuff or large bodywork repair. We are approved repairers for all makes and models

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